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Companion files for the SAMS Teach Yourself Microsoft Expression Web in 24 Hours book series

A note on Expression Web

If you're reading this you have likely purchased or otherwise obtained a copy of my book SAMS Teach Yourself Microsoft Expression Web in 24 Hours. Before you embark on the journey of learning how to build standards-based websites using Expression Web it is important that you know the current status of the application. Expression Web and the rest of the Expression Studio suite were discontinued as a commercial product by Microsoft in December of 2012. Rather than scrapping the product permanently Microsoft opted to release Expression Web as a free download. The last released version of the application is version 4 SP2 (Service Pack 2). The last version of my book covers this Service Pack.

This means if you have purchased a copy of Expression Web, Expression Web Porfessional, or Expression Studio, you have purchased a product that is free from Microsoft. There are still for-purchase copies of these software packages in the wild and they are still being sold which is unfortunate because the software is now free and available to anyone through download.

Expression Web was a great product and one I believed in. Unfortunately Microsoft decided to discontinue the development of the application and as a result it has quickly lost its luster and will likely go the way of the dodo shortly. As it stands I cannot recommend investing time and effort in learning to use the application. You time is better spent learning to use more modern applications and Content Management Systems.

If you are interested in learning web design and development my recommendation is to start with a subscription to (free 7 day trial with this link) where I am one of the instructors and where I teach WordPress use and development.

All this considered, if you still wish to learn how to use Microsoft Expression Web you are more than welcome. The book will teach you valuable markup and design techniques that are relevant and useful in today's web design and development landscape.

You will find all the lesson files for download in this repository.